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What is screen printing?

It is a printing method that is used by depositing ink on a rigid or textile support through a tensioned mesh in a frame. It is a very economical printing system for long runs (More than 50-100 units). It is used to print logos, texts, vectorizations. The print quality is very good and has a lot of durability since there are special inks for each support.

Most common applications

The serigraphy It is a printing system that adapts to what you need, but it is mostly used for printing textiles such as: t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, in short, all kinds of textiles. In the advertising world it is widely used for everything related to business gift or promotional products, with this system we print: notebooks, parasols, cotton bags, paper bags, folders, backpacks and a long etc.

Types of designs and colors

In screen printing, flat colors with color separation are usually used, although it is possible to perform four-color processes, it is no longer in high demand due to the appearance of digital printing, so currently screen printing is used to print logos, texts, in short, designs. blueprints. The number of colors depends on the printing equipment you use, in our workshop we work with 4 colors, but there are 12 and 24 colors.

What materials can we print with industrial screen printing?

The range of materials is quite wide, we are going to indicate the most common:

  • Plastics: ABS, PP, PVC, Methacrylate, PET, Polyamide, PS, PE among others.
  • Metal, aluminum.
  • Glass and ceramics.

What materials can we print with Textile Screen Printing?

In textile screen printing we use special inks that guarantee durability to washes over time, we apply direct ink to the textile, it is not a glued element as in the case of textile vinyl.

It is important that you read this post about textile vinyl and screen printing.

The most common materials are:

  • Polyester.
  • Cotton.
  • Neoprene.

In the case of neoprene, we use a serigraphic transfer, which leaves us with a very sharp, clean and durable finish.

Impresión de imágenes en cuatricomía en Serigrafía.

En Marcatulogo podemos imprimir imágenes con resolución fotográfica sobre camisetas, bolsas y cualquier tipo de tejido. Esta opción te permite hacer grandes tiradas con un coste bastante razonable y una capacidad de producción excelente.

No dudes en contactarnos, que con gusto le asesoraremos.

Circular screen printing

We use it for printing on circular items, with this technique we can print all around your bottles with a beautiful and enveloping design, using special inks of great durability that in the case of ceramics and glass will be resistant to the dishwasher. 

Make your order online.

Access our online store, select the type of screen you need, inks, quantities and the system will indicate the price. Place your order and monitor the status of your order at all times.

At Marcatulogo we want to advise you on your impressions.

Contamos con toda la experiencia necesaria para realizar todo tipo de trabajo con diferentes soportes, contamos con asesoría directa de los principales fabricante de tintas del mercado, lo que nos permite hacer test de resistencias de las diferentes tintas en los diferentes soportes, garantizando que al momento de entrar en producción ya tenemos testado y garantizado la durabilidad del producto.

We have our own online store for promotional items, where you can find:

Notebooks to personalize

The vast majority are made of recycled cardboard, we are updating our catalog to incorporate more and more silk-screened items that are respectful with the environment.

Cotton bags to customize

The so-called Shopping Bag, made of recycled cotton, we have modern models that cover the needs of a large number of customers.

T-shirts to customize

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