Printing service by flat screen printing, on a wide variety of supports such as: Industrial screen printing: sheets, mechanical parts, housings, among others, Advertising screen printing: Folders, Parasols, Notebooks, Briefcases, Boxes, Bags among others.


Circular screen printing service on a wide variety of materials, cylindrical objects such as: circular containers for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial sector. In the advertising field: drums, cups, glasses among others. 


Printing service through pad printing on a wide variety of objects and materials, pad printing allows us to print on complex and irregular areas. This system is ideal for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, toys, industrial and advertising sectors.


A very attractive printing system and ideal for printing small quantities (From a unit) this printing is done in full color (photographic quality) on white objects such as: mugs, mousepacks, backpacks, T-shirts, plates, drums and more. You can see articles in our online-store.


The most demanded printing technique, with the Textile screen printing We can customize a wide variety of items, such as: t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, cotton bags, paper, non-woven among others. In the case of personalized t-shirts we can print on the chest, back and sleeves from one ink to 4 inks. On sweatshirts we usually use the silk-screen transfer, which consists of printing by means of silk-screen printing on a siliconized paper and then we transfer the ink by heat to the garment.

We are distributors of the main promotional textile brands in Europe, you can see their respective catalogs in the following link.

Why Marcatulogo?

Large space to store, handle and prepare your special orders.

Specialized machinery for screen printing, pad printing and digital.

Express delivery times for professionals.

Circular screen printing up to 16cm. diameter.

Personalized attention

We have all the necessary logistics to prepare your orders.

At Marcatulogo we have all the necessary logistics to print your promotional items, pack them and serve them in record time.

«Buy different items, send them to our warehouse in Madrid, we personalize, pack and deliver them to your parcel with your delivery note and personalized box if you wish. «

We take care that the product reaches the customer's hands with correct packaging and with all the delivery documentation such as: delivery notes, delivery note, advertising, etc. Inside its packaging, all these personalized documents with your company image such as: logos, colors, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Our printing systems

Pad printing

The Print in pad printing It is used to print detailed designs on different items, irregular objects with cylindrical, conical or flat surface. It is the method used to print on pens, office supplies, electronic items, lighters, keychains, flash drives, jerry cans, water bottles, toys or other items made of plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood, paper or other materials. The ink is transferred from the cliche to the article using a silicone pad. The diversity of applications makes this technique the most convenient, economical and versatile for large quantities. The impression Pad printing It is the fastest and most accurate technology, allowing the printing of logos with a large number of colors (polychromies) on most surfaces.
Since polychromies involve obtaining the colors from the optical mixture of the CMYK base colors, it is suggested not to use them on small text or fine lines. The risk is getting designs with a blurred outline. For these cases, it is suggested to use a full color from the Pantone or HKS color chart.
Some items need pre-treatment or post-treatment. For good ink adhesion, metal items should be oven dried. Drying time can be up to 4 days.


This technique is used to print graphic designs on different items such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. and in the most different materials such as paper, plastic, textiles or metals.
The process is simple and consists of applying a layer of ink to the base material through a cloth mesh. Printing can be done in one or more colors manually, automatically or semi-automatically. Polychromatic imaging can only be done on white materials and involves achieving color combinations by optically mixing the basic CMYK colors.
For darker materials, the image is separated into more specific colors (up to 10 colors) with a basic white layer. These brighter colors sharpen the image.

La serigrafía consiste en depositar tinta a través de una malla a un soporte.


Sublimation is the method of applying a special filmed image to a final surface (ceramic, metals that have a polyester layer, synthetic textiles) using three basic ingredients: ink, heat, and pressure. Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to change from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid form (such as dry ice). The conversion is heat initiated and controlled by pressure and time.
Sublimation is the process in which the color passes from the printed foil to the final surface (T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, etc.). Sublimation only works on white surfaces. Sublimation works best on synthetics or other materials pre-treated to accept sublimation inks.
Sublimated images have a high resistance to washing, scratching or other friction processes because the image is protected within the material. The difference between sublimation and other transfer techniques that use dye or pigment inks is that sublimation guarantees 100% resistance for applied images, while other techniques do not.

Silkscreen transfer

With this technique, the image is printed using the screen printing method on a base material, especially paper. Then, using pressure and high temperatures, it is transferred to the article. As with the classic mesh screen, the images can be applied to paper, plastics, textiles, and metals.
The difference between screen transfer and mesh screen is that screen transfer can achieve brighter, sharper images with small text and clear details.
Although screenprinted transfers use the same inks and processes as other types of screenprinting, there are several advantages to using transfers:
  • The greatest advantage of this technique is that it allows quality control of the print and its correction before applying it to the article.
  • Last minute orders are easier.
  • Higher quality.
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David Gómez Agudo
David Gómez Agudo
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Claudia Castrillo Pascal
La profesionalidad es impresionante. Hemos quedado sumamente satisfechos y los recomendaremos siempre.
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Glasvi Moore
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Gladys Balza
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Jean Moore
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versek estudio gráfico
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Gustavo Miñaca
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