What is the DTF?

DTF or Direct Transfer to Film It is a novel technique that allows us to print on cotton, polyester and any color fabrics, since it incorporates white ink. We print your design on a film to create a kind of digital transfer that we then transfer to the garment.

The DTF technique uses special textile inkjet inks, for which very elastic prints are obtained, soft to the touch and resistant to washing.

Most common applications

All kinds of textiles, t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, jackets and more!


Same quality as screen printing.
Full color printing without the feel of a plastic on the garment.
Maximum durability to washings.
Ideal for small runs and variety of designs.
Printing on cotton, polyester, neoprene and any material.
Printing on light and dark colors.

Are you planning to create a clothing brand?

This printing medium is your best option.

Make your order online

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¿Tienes tus prendas y quieres que las estampemos en DTF?

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Contamos con toda la experiencia necesaria para realizar todo tipo de trabajo con diferentes soportes, contamos con asesoría directa de los principales fabricante de tintas del mercado, lo que nos permite hacer test de resistencias de las diferentes tintas en los diferentes soportes, garantizando que al momento de entrar en producción ya tenemos testado y garantizado la durabilidad del producto.

Do you need textile?

At Marcatulogo we distribute the main textile brands in Europe, take a look at all the catalogs, send us an email with the model, sizes and color and we will send you a custom quote.

Are you looking for ecological textiles?

We work with the brands that are currently in trend, take a look at their catalogs and send us which ones are your favorites and we will send you a quote.