Screen printing and pad printing services in Madrid.

At Marcatulogo we have all the necessary equipment to personalize any type of object, from wooden plates, cardboard, metal, aluminum, on irregular, circular, flat surfaces. For each product we always look for a solution. The range of possibilities offered by screen printing and pad printing is very wide, so if you need to customize any object, you just have to contact us.

One of the most common applications is that of Business gifts, in Marcatulogo we have our own Online store where you can get a variety of items to personalize with your company logo. If you do not get what you are looking for, contact us and we will gladly help you.

Our printing techniques


The serigraphy It consists of depositing ink to a support by means of a maya, these mayas are installed on a wooden or aluminum frame, this is what we call Screen, for each color we must make a screen, these screens are made with different types of fabrics, These are divided into yarns, + 0 - threads, depending on the support or design we choose between one and the other.

With this type of printing we can print any type of article, the most demanded in the advertising sector are:

  • Tshirts.
  • Sweatshirts.
  • Polos.
  • Notebooks.
  • Backpacks.
  • Bags.
  • Cardboard boxes.

In the industrial sector our technique is also used a lot, since we can stamp information on metal plates, plastics, aluminum among others.

Pad Printing

Pad printing consists of transferring ink through a silicone pad from an inkwell to an article, this printing technique is suitable for articles where it is difficult to print, circular, concave, irregular locations, etc. In our workshop we use pad printing closed inkwell And with steel cliches, this is ideal for long runs, our cliches are very resistant to friction which allows to maintain the quality of the engraving in jobs with a large quantity.

This printing technique is widely used in the advertising sector, the most demanded objects are usually:

  • Pens.
  • Lighters.
  • Cups.
  • USB sticks.
  • Cups coffee
  • Carcasses.

In the industrial sector it is highly demanded, since with this system we can mark on any object, maintaining a very high resistance and durability in a large number of materials.

New collection of products printed in full color by sublimation

Sublimation is the method of applying a special filmed image to a final surface (ceramic, metals that have a polyester layer, synthetic textiles) using three basic ingredients: ink, heat, and pressure. Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to change from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid form (such as dry ice). The conversion is heat initiated and controlled by pressure and time.
Sublimation is the process in which the color passes from the printed foil to the final surface (T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, etc.). Sublimation only works on white surfaces. Sublimation works best on synthetics or other materials pre-treated to accept sublimation inks.

Some of our works in Screen Printing and Pad Printing.

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